Pedro Gilberto Fuentes Hinojosa

Real estate developer

He still serves as CEO of his businesses today. Pedro Fuentes prefers to take a more active role in his job rather than merely starting enterprises and then walking away. In order to maintain your company on the cutting edge of productivity and innovation, it's important to be involved with them.

On top of that, he's a generous giver. Three elementary schools have been constructed, as well as a public park and a sports park, which he has given to the city. All of these donations were made by Pedro Fuentes's companies alone. Pedro is well aware of the importance of a solid education and is in a position to assist young people in making the most of theirs. Pedro Fuentes' contributions to the world of business may one day inspire younger entrepreneurs to reach similar success.

For Pedro and his companies, what is the future hold? A lot of exciting things are going to happen in the future. Pedro Fuentes wants to take advantage of these opportunities while still pursuing his interests in business, construction, and design. Even if he doesn't know what the future holds, Pedro Gilberto Fuentes Hinojosa has one goal in mind: to be innovative and enterprising.